“Noise and Contrasts”

The inspiration comes from the 1980s and 1990s music and arts scene
through the life and memories of Kim Gordon, singer of Sonic Youth and pioneer of underground music,
as described in her autobiography “Girl in a band”.

“The extreme noise and contrasts have a power which brings freedom” Kim Gordon

Wãla Lab re-interprets that angry language, disturbing, harsh, delicate, dreamy, heavy, scary and sensual at the same time;
one can breathe that tense atmosphere at the beginning of a performance when anything can happen.
Hence the name “DAYDREAM” collection, a dream with wide open eyes, a fantasy as well as a tribute to the album “Daydream Nation”.

The clothes are thought out, as you see, following each other in an unexpected way, like noises which distort
and morph themselves to excite and surprise. The technical material, ramié with resin treatment,
conceals a soul of soft cupro, whilst the technical cotton hides a softness viscose.
The colours are like metallic sounds: the copper, the iron and the rust contrast and blend themselves,
at the same time highlighted by the shining lights of the fasteners.

“To plan DAYDREAM has been a return to the past, to spontaneity.
We wanted to show a woman with a sort of androgynous femininity, ambiguous and surprising.
A brave, creative, active and feminist woman just like Kim.”