A fast paced society and a new relationship with all the spaces we live in have forced us to rethink everyday objects,
to review their position in a world constantly changing and to adapt them to new movements,
to new bodies that live spaces in different ways.
In order to respond to such changes, Wala Lab was born in 2012 in Rome, from an idea of designers
Giorgia Feliciano and Fiorenza Molli. After years of individual work, the creative duo decided to join forces, ideas, inspirations
and passion to start a project that would perfectly matches Industrial and Fashion Design.

Wàla Lab clothes and accessories are multifunctional, interactive, mutable and fun.
Chameleon-like clothes are easy-fitting and give the opportunity to change and reinvent yourself every day.

While clothes are designed, Wàla Lab do not focus only on the shape, but aim to reach a perfect synergy between shape and function.
The “up to date” silhouette are made of structural and determined lines that, thanks to an ingenious design solution, become unusual and unique clothes.

Wàla Lab evolved around the concept that dressing is not just a matter of appearance but a real alchemy between dynamism, functionality and style.
A challenge with the classic prêt-à-porter that cages people in trends and strict rules

The company is engaged in the search for sustainable systems applied to the entire production chain.
From multi-functionality to the choice of materials and production at km 0,
to the optimization of products and production to limit waste,
Wàla Lab is a brand that believes in ethical work, respecting people and the environment.

  • Giorgia Feliciano
    Giorgia Feliciano

Born in Rome, 21/02/1982. She graduated from High School Augusto in Rome
specializing in classical studies, then in 2007 she graduated from
Industrial Design School, I.S.I.A, Rome.
In the same years she did an internship at the design shoes studio
of Stefano Biondi, in Padova.
From 2008 until 2010 she worked for Modital of Civitanova, Marche,
where she carried out researches on environmental sustainability
applied to shoes.

  • Fiorenza Molli
    Fiorenza Molli

Born in Roma, 12/06/1981. She graduated from High School
for the Arts A. Caravillani, then in 2007 she graduated
from Industrial Design School, I.S.I.A, Rome.
In the same year she did an internship at EXO Italy in Padova,
a company specialized in designing and producing EVA shoes
(Ethylene-vinil acetate) for the brand CROCS.
From 2008 she has been working as graphic design consultant